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80th Birthday verses

Verse 1

It's that time in your life
When your birthday is here,
Eighty years old
Getting old you might fear.

But you are not old
You are eighty years young,
Still sprightly and quick
Another year has begun.

Verse 2

What was that you said to me
You'd like to live 'til you're eighty,
Well now you've made it, well done you
Now set your goal to eighty two.
Happy Birthday

Verse 3

So today you've turned eighty
And this card is sent to say,
Not just to say happy birthday
But to let you know,

Verse 4

Even after going through

A lifetime of struggle,

Even after having so many

Responsibilities to juggle.

We are happy to see you

Standing so strong and tall,

Celebrating your eightieth

Is a proud moment for us all.

Happy 80th birthday

Verse 5

Happy 80th Birthday Dad,

you certainly deserve the best

for you will always be to me

head and shoulders above the rest.

You do so much for others

one call is all you need

forever willing to lend a hand

always content when doing a good deed.

So I hope that on your birthday

you'll let others show they care

by all the cards and gifts they give

and all the love they share.