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Anniversary Verses

Free Anniversary Verses for Handmade Cards 

Anniversary Verse 1

Today's a very special day
Reserved for just you two
Here's wishing you rich happiness
Today, and all year through!

Anniversary Verse 2
This comes to wish you all life's best
On this your special day
And hoping joy and happiness
Will surely come your way.
Anniversary Verse 3
I’ll love you wife until the very end,
I am so very, very lucky,
That I married my Best friend.

With lots of loving thoughts,
Of everything you’ve done,
To make our life together,
Such a happy one.

Anniversary Verse 4
For all that you are,
And for all that you do,
And for all that makes me
Go on loving you.

Anniversary Verse 5

I love you for your thoughtfulness
Your understanding way,
And for all the countless little things
You do for me each and every day.

I love you for all the hopes and dreams
You've helped to make come true,
But most of all I love you
Just for being you.

Anniversary Verse 6

We never know
Or fully see
How sweet and kind our partners are.

We simply take for granted,
From day to passing day,
Each sacrifice they make for us
In their own loving way.

But then we grow and finally learn
The way that Husbands/Wives do,
How much their love has really meant
How thoughtful they've been too.

And so this comes with all the thanks
You deserve and more.
For there isn't a more loved Partner
Than the one this card is for.


Anniversary Verse 7

Love brought you together
As husband and wife,
And gave each of you
A best friend for life.

Happy Wedding Anniversary


Anniversary Verse 8

Today's a very special day
Reserved for just you two,
Here's wishing you rich happiness
Today, and all year through.

Happy Wedding Anniversary


Anniversary Verse 9

You're strolling down life's pathway
Walking hand in hand together
A truly loving couple
Two hearts entwined forever

Happy Anniversary


Anniversary Verse 10

Remembering you both
When your special day is here
With all the warmth and feeling
That's felt for you all year.

Happy Wedding Anniversary