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Baby Birthday Verses

Baby Birthday Verses 1

A new little baby
to love beyond all measure,
To add to your family
more joy and more pleasure,
And may each new year hold
for baby and you,
So many moments
where dreams will come true.

Baby Birthday Verses 2

A Baby Boy's a Blessing
A Gift from Heaven above
A Precious Little Angel
To Cherish and to Love.

Your lovely bouncing baby boy
Will bring you so much pleasure
And over the years will give you
Such memories to treasure

Baby Birthday Verses 3
On such a very secial day
Wishes warm and true,
Are being made esecially
for your baby girl and you,
Wishes for health and happiness
To forever come her way,
And for you to remain as
Proud as you are today.

On the birth of your Daughter
( insert name )

Baby Birthday Verses 4

Your baby Daughter
Will fill your world
With lots of joy and pride,
Because from the start
She'll warm your heart
With love deep down inside.

Baby Birthday Verses 5

We welcome with joy
Your new baby boy

Baby Birthday Verses 6

Share the Joy 
Come Join the Fun,
Our Baby Girl
 Is Turning One.

Baby Birthday Verses 7


Once you wake up, 
you'll be ready to go. 
and your curious ways, 
with tiny fingers you'll show.

In your baby language, 
many stories you tell. 
About that bouncy ball, 
and that colorful bell.

Adorable baby, 
cuddly and sweet. 
Being around you, 
is a wonderful treat.

We will always be there for you.

Baby Birthday Verses 8

The first time I held you, 
gently and close. 
I kissed your forehead, 
and little cute nose.

The first time we went home, 
we looked like a team. 
It was a beautiful day, 
like from a dream.

The first time you laughed, 
I smiled with glee. 
Because I knew, 
you were happy and free.

All our love Little one.

Baby Birthday Verses 9

You're preciously cute
and adorably small,
But the love that you share
is naturally tall.

Little baby boy
naturally curious and fun. 
Your adventures in life
have only begun.

My precious baby
I will always be here,
Promise to protect you
you have nothing to fear.

Baby Birthday Verses 10

My precious baby
I love you so much, 
Promise to protect you 
with my soft tender touch.

You mean everything to me 
if only you knew,
A moment without you
and I instantly feel blue.

My precious baby
I'll watch you just grow,
We'll play lots of games
and I'll tickle your toe.

As your loving mother
I feel much more than blessed,
In life I wish you happiness
and only the best.

My precious baby
I will always be here,
Promise to protect you
you have nothing to fear.