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Birthday verses ( General )

Birthday verses 1

A simple celebration
A gathering of friends,
Wishing you great happiness

And joy that never ends.

Birthday verses 2

How do you expect me
to remember your birthday

When you never look any older
Have a great day

Birthday verses 3

Todays your day,
May every special dream

And wish come true,
For there's no-one
With a softer touch or
Warmer heart than you.

Happy Birthday wishes

Birthday verses 4

May your day be filled with laughter
May your day be filled with song,
May you have a wonderful birthday
May it's memory linger on.

For you are very special
And all my love I send your way,
For you deserve the very best
Especially today.

Birthday verses 5

A very Happy Birthday
Is especially wished for you,
With flowers, gifts and treats galore
And fun in all you do.

May it be a day to remember
Full of memories to treasure,
Because sending wishes to someone like you
Is very much a pleasure!