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Birthday verses for men

Birthday verses for men 1

Hello birthday boy
Have a happy day,
I hope that it's wonderful
In a special kinda way.

Birthdays are unique
Especially one for you,
I hope that you celebrate
and enjoy yourself too.

Happy birthday

Birthday verses for men 2

A birthday boy
Lots of toys
Lots of joy to you,
You shall have a special time
To last the whole day through.

Happy Birthday

Birthday verses for men 3

How dare they say you are getting old
Your temper is starting to simmer,
Don't let them get away with it
Hit them with your Zimmer.

Have A Happy

Birthday verses for men 4

As you celebrate your birthday

Warmest wishes go your way,

For all that makes you happy

On this very special day.

Have a wonderful time!

Birthday verses for men 5


Your heart desires

Is what i wish for you.

Not only on your birthday

but throughout the

Whole year, too!

Birthday verses for men 6

Husband you are so amazing

In everything you do

You are thoughtful kind and caring

My world is perfect because of you.

The loving things you do

The loving things you say,

You bring me so much happiness

each and everyday.

So happy birthda darling

hope this a special day for you,

because you are so special

and I really do love you.

Birthday verses for men 7

Lets raise a glass to you,
On this your special day.
To wish you Happy Birthday'
That's all I need to say.

Birthday verses for men 8


I'll raise a glass and

Sing a song,

You'll Make a wish and

Bang a gong.


Because today is special

I want everyone to hear,

Your Birthday celebration

For another great and

Fun filled year


Birthday verses for men 9

A greeting on your birthday
For a very happy day
And then a year
That brings the best
Of everything your way

Enjoy your special day!

Birthday verses for men 10

A special person, a special day,
and that is why this comes your
way. With warmest wishes for
all the things a very happy
birthday brings.

Happy Birthday