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Birthday verses ( Friend )

Friend verses 1

This comes with many

Special thoughts

And warmest wishes too ..

Because it means

So much to have

A friend like you.

Friend verses 2

Todays your day my
Special Friend

May every dream

And wish come true,

For there's no-one

With a softer touch or

Warmer heart than you.


Happy Birthday wishes

Friend verses 3

Happy Birthday My Dear Special


You magnify my happiness

Whenever I am glad ..

You help to heal my injured heart

whenever I am sad.

You're such a pleasure in my life

And I hope that you can see ..

How meaningful your friendship is

you're such a joy to me.

Friend verses 3

It's often said

That special friends

Are worth their weight in gold,

They bring you

joy and comfort

As the passing years unfold..


They know just how

To make you smile

And lift your spirits too,

That's why I

Feel so fortunate

To have a friend like you.