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Christening verses

Christening boys verse 1

It's a day to
be Christened,
A day of great joy
A day to give a name
To a darling
little boy.

It's your special day
Though you may be unaware,
You're surrounded by much love
From many folks
Who care.

Christening girls verse 2

With babies come toys
and a whole world of joys,
and all kinds of fun things to do...
With babies come laughter
and love ever after...
With babies,
sweet dreams all come true.

Christening verse 3

It's your Christening
So we send this card to say,
Enjoy it and be filled with pride
On this very special day.

Christening verse 4

You are our little angel
Whom was sent from Heaven above,
As you celebrate your christening
You're surrounded with all our love.

Christening verse 5

It's your Christening.
This card is sent to say,
Enjoy and be filled with pride and love
On your very special day

Christening verse 6

It's your Christening.
This card is sent to say,
Enjoy and be filled with pride and love
On your very special day

As your Godparents from this special day
We will set a good example;
So be good and be kind
And let us lead the way.

Respect and honor for your parents
Is one of the famous ten;
Grandparents and Godparents count too
So that's our prayer, Amen

Christening verse 7

You’ve been a special blessing,
Since the day that you arrived.
Bringing so much happiness,
And filling hearts with pride...
And now that it’s your Baptism Day,
This brings a special prayer.
That God will always keep you,
In the shelter of His care.

~Author Unknown~

Christening verse 8

Ten precious little fingers
Ten precious little toes,
Two beautiful starry eyes
One cute little button nose.

Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs
Nursery rhymes and lullabies,
Toothless smiles
Darling little baby styles.

A brand new life has just begun…
Dreams to be fulfilled – by you
Little one.

~Author Unknown~

Christening verse 9

Welcome precious little child
So divine from God above,
Christened today in Jesus' name
Held in His arms of love.

May angels guide your tiny feet
and bring you smiles to wear,
and may our Heavenly Father
always keep you in His care.

Christening verse 10

A child so small precious and sweet,
Has come into your lives
To make them complete.

Today is so special
In each and every way
Enjoy (baby's name's)
Special Naming Day