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Christmas verses

Christmas verse 1

It's Christmas, It's Christmas
Each merry bell chimes,
A time for remembering
Old friends and old times.

A time for warm greetings
Old ties to renew,
And a time for good wishes
For good folks like you.

 Merry Christmas
Christmas verse 2

May this Christmas 
be filled with happiness,
In all that you do,
And may this joy continue
The whole year through.

Wishing you a 
Merry Christmas
And a
Happy New Year.

Christmas verse 3

May this Christmas be filled
With happiness in all that you do,
And may this joy continue
The whole year through.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year.

Christmas verse 4

Hope you'll be delighted
with all Christmas has in store,
And may you find the New Year
brings all you're hoping for.

Christmas verse 5

These wishes aren't original
But still they're most sincere,
Have a really Merry Christmas
And a wonderful New Year.

Christmas verse 6

Christmas time wishes
For warmth and good cheer
Happiness now and in the New Year.

Christmas verse 7

It's just the perfect time to send
A lot of love your way,
And then to add some wishes
For a Merry Christmas Day.

Christmas verse 8

Christmas is a time for sending
Wishes warm and true...
These wishes are for happiness
At Christmas time for you.

Christmas verse 9

At Christmas you're a part
of so many thoughts and wishes-
thoughts that are dearer,
wishes that are warmer-
because they're especially for you,
Dear Friend.

Christmas verse 10

May your Christmas be wonderful
Right from the start,
May a happy year follow it, too,
These are the wishes
That come from the heart
In this greeting especially for you.

Christmas verse 11

Wish you Christmas happiness,
Wish you Christmas cheer,
Wish you days and days of joy
Throughout the coming year.

Christmas verse 12

May this wonderful Season
of love and peace,
warm your life with a joy
that will last through the year.

Christmas business verse 13

As the Holiday Season is upon us 
We find ourselves reflecting on the past year,
and on those who have helped
o shape our business in a most significant way.
We value our relationship with you
and look forward to working with you
In the year to come.
We wish you a very happy Holiday Season
and a New Year filled with
Peace and prosperity.

Christmas verse 14

Your such a special Daddy,
And such a lot of fun,
You should have a Christmas,
That is a extra Merry one.

Christmas verse 15

Mummy’s Christmas Wish.
When I made my list for Christmas,
I hope you hadn’t guessed,
I asked Santa to remember you,
Because you are the best.

Christmas verse 16

Santa Claus is on his way,
With Christmas wishes,
Just to say,
You’re loved so much,
And thought about,
On each and every day
Happy Christmas.

Christmas verse 17

Christmas is a perfect time
To wish happy things for you,
And tell you that
You’re thought of
With love the whole year through.

Christmas verse 18

This brings a Christmas greeting,
To say there couldn’t be,
Any one in all the world,
Who means so much to me.

Christmas verse 19

If all that you wishing for,
Should come true,
If Christmas is perfect,
And New Year too.

Then the love and good wishes
This brings you today,
Will all have come true
In the very best way.

Christmas verse 20

Let us keep Christmas,
holding it close to our hearts...
for its meaning never ends
and its spirit is the warmth and joy
of remembering friends...
Merry Christmas and 
Every happiness in the New Year

Christmas verse 21

to us means a special occasion,
when we can express our sincere thanks
to those whose friendship we cherish
May you have a wonderful, joyous time.

Christmas verse 22

After the gifts have been opened
And the tree starts to wane,
When the carols have faded
May happiness remain.
Merry Christmas

Christmas verse 23

The magic of Christmas
Never ends
Its greatest of gifts
Are family and friends

Celebrate . . .
the tradition of friendship
the beauty of the Season,
the opportunity of the New Year.
All the best

Christmas verse 24

This year
May the meaning of Christmas
Be deeper
It's friendships stronger
And it's hopes brighter
Happy Christmas

Christmas verse 25

Wishing you good friends,
good times, and good cheer,
our warmest wishes
throughout the new year.

Christmas verse 26

When the tree is down
And the tinsel's stored,
Most toys are discarded
And the kids are fresh bored.

When the turkey's all gobbled
And nothing's left of the cake'
It's time to reach for your craft box
There's cards to make.

Christmas verse 27

May your presents be many
And your troubles be few
Merry Christmas.

Christmas verse 28

This Christmas for you
May wishes ring true,
For Peace, Joy and Love
The Season right through.

Christmas verse 29

Roasted turkey,stuffing balls
Scented candles, fresh snowfalls,
Ginger beer, tree of pine
What lovely smells at Christmas time

Christmas verse 30

May your Christmas
be wrapped in Joy
and filled with Love.

Best Wishes and
Peace, Health, Happiness
And love 
throughout the coming year.

Christmas Wife verse 31

You're such a wonderful wife
so this greeting comes to say,
Every happiness is being wished
for you on CHRISTMAS DAY,
And it brings loving wishes
Especially for you,
for a season full of joy and cheer,
And lots of laughter too...

Then look in to the New Year
here's hoping you will find
everyday turns out to be
the very happy kind.

To a Special Wife at Christmas.

Christmas verse 32

Special thoughts are being sent
and many wishes too,
For all it takes to make the season
full of joy for you.

Christmas verse 33

Hope your day is filled 
with festive cheer,
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year.

Christmas verse 34

May everthing be perfect
Now christmas time is here
And the whole season be merry
With happiness and cheer.

Christmas verse 35

Snow-laden trees sparkle with holiday lights
Reds and greens, blues and whites
Carols warm our hearts with cheer
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas is here!
May you have a merry little holiday
And a wonderful New Year!

Christmas verse 36

A star in the east lights up the sky
From the manger comes a tiny babies cry
And all of gods creation bows in wonder and awe.

May God bring you peace, joy, and hope
This blessed season!

Christmas verse 37

May the old-fashioned delights of Christmas
Warm your heart once again
Snow falling soft and deep
Christmas lights twinkling merrily on the tree
Carols filling the air
Love of family and friends
And our wishes for a wonderful New Year!

Christmas verse 38

Here's a very special wish
Especially for you,
To wish you a Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year Too.

Christmas verse 39

May your celebrations be merry

And your heart be light,

May your Christmas be happy

Your season be bright.

Love and Best Wishes

Christmas verse 40

May peace be your

Gift at Christmas,

And your blessing

all the year through.

Merry Christmas

Christmas verse 41
The cheeriest of
Christmas thoughts,
the brightest wishes, too,
Are wrapped up in this
Christmas card
and sent along to you!

Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!

Christmas verse 42

Lights sparkling on the tree
tinsel all around
smell of festive cooking
from the ceiling to the ground
turkeys in the oven
gifts under the tree
children getting excited
because they still believe

Christmas verse 43

May we celebrate at Christmas time
God's blessing from above;
Let us spread the light He gave us
and always share His Love.

Christmas verse 44

At Christmas-time the bells ring out
their message loud and clear
Joy and peace and happiness
to all, both far and near!

The frost is here, and fires are lit
giving warmth to those we hold dear
so raise a glass and give a toast
and celebrate Christmas cheer!

Christmas verse 45

Remembering you
with a special prayer
when Christmastime is here...
Thinking of you
with special joy
each day throughout the year.

Christmas verse 46

Christmas is the
light of hope that
keeps the future bright.
Wishing you a
Christmas filled with
God's eternal light.

Christmas verse 47

May this Christmas be filled
With happiness in all that you do,
And may this joy continue
The whole year through.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Christmas verse 48

Christmas trees and sparkling lights,
Snow filled skies and star lit nights,
Baubles, stockings, presents that wait,
Children excited for that special date,
It's the time when Carols ring out through the air,
It's the time we remember,
It's the time that we share,
It's the time we think of those we hold dear,
So have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Christmas verse 49

May this Christmas be filled
With happiness in all that you do
And may this joy continue
The whole year through
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year

Christmas verse 50

As Christmas comes your
way this year, may your
heart be filled with love
and good cheer!

Happy Holiday Wishes