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Happy 60th Birthday Verses

Happy 60th Birthday verses 1

Being sixty is not so bad 

you are still alive so just be glad 
You can laugh and sing or scream with rage 
And people say its just your age 
you laugh until you need the loo 
And then you pray there is no queue 
you start to lose your teeth and hair 
But you're still alive so you dont care 
Life up to now is a job well done 
So now you're Sixty its time for fun. 

Happy 60th Birthday verses 2

There is charm and grace

In a few wrinkles on the face

There is poise and elegance

In having so much experience

There is wisdom and respect

In living a life which is so perfect

There is honor and dignity

In turning a grand sixty

Happy birthday

Happy 60th Birthday verses 3

 Look how far

You have come

Look how your life

Has been awesome

Look at all the things

That you have got

Look how your family

Loves you a lot

Look how stunning

Is your life’s view

Happy birthday dear

I am so happy for you

Happy 60th Birthday verses 4

May the skies turn red

May the trees turn blue

So vibrant and colorful

May the day be for you

May the flowers turn neon

May the oceans turn burgundy

So vivacious and flamboyant

May your life turn out to be

Happy birthday

Happy 60th Birthday verses 5

Here's to your big day my very special friend,
Enjoy it while it's here
Because you'll have to wait ten years
For your next milestone year.

Thinking back on sixty you'll
Turn back that mental clock 
The grand young age will seem so nice
And seventy a shock.

"I was really limber then,"
You'll say to everyone.

See, sixty is the prime of life
At least, from this point on.

Happy 60th Birthday verses 6

Happy Birthday to you!
On your Sixtieth year!
It's time to celebrate,
And to spread the cheer!
You are amazing, kind, and wise!
No one could top you even if they tried!
Happy Birthday to a special person on your 60th Birthday! 

Happy 60th Birthday verses 7

You made it to a magical age
Everything gets even more fun
Turn 60 and turn a new page
The worries of your 50's are done

Now it's time to live life your way
And love those you love most
This is a milestone 60th birthday
And this poem is your 60th toast

Happy 60th Birthday verses 8

Time is on your side when you're young
When you hit sixty, time is on your belly
You haven't climbed to the highest rung
But your legs may still feel like jelly

Heaven may be around the corner for you
But great things still await a 60-year-old
There's plenty more things for you to do
Move forward with an attitude that's bold