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Mothers day verse

Mothers day verse 1

This brings much love
On Mothers Day
For you and you alone,
To hope the joys that
Come your way will be the
Best you've known,
And for the happiness you spread
In all you say and do
The very warmest wishes go
On Mothers Day to you!

Wishing you a lovely day

Mothers day verse 2

I have this person in my life
She’s always there
In good and strife
She supports me in all I do
supports my man and family too.

Whenever things get a little sticky
And all to be done is proving tricky
She offers help, “I’ll be here or there.”
“I can help”, “I’ll do my share.”
I accept this help, I take with ease
Always very grateful, pleased.

Because of this I do see
Sometimes taken for granted is she
But it’s never meant to be blaze
I never mean to get carried away
So Mam, I write this to you
Thank you so much for all you do.