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Occupational verses

Verse 1

You snip, snip, snip
The whole day long,
You brush and dry all day,
You put the hair around those tongs
Praying that the curls do stay,
The latest styles, the highlights,
The lowlights and the perms
Are part of a hairdressers daily work.

It's money you need to earn
But I hope that on your birthday,
You'll let your own hair down,
And go and hit the hot spots
For a night out on the town.

Verse 2

Your trusty little sewing machine
Can turn out something neat,
Lots of frills and lacy things
Produces a dress so sweet,
Yet not to be overlooked.

A waistcoat comes to mind,
So masculine in fabric
You know - the country tweedy kind,
Yet all of these wonderful creations
Although put together so well,
Could not be mastered by the needle alone
They need a seamstress who in her craft does excel.

So today it is your birthday
Hope your needle has a rest,
And today the celebrations
Turn out to be the best.

Verse 3

She adds a bit of glitter
A gem just here and there,
A bit of mat and layering
An image placed with care,
A little velvet ribbon
A shimmering button or two,
A pretty punched out flower
To make a card for you.

For crafting is her passion
Her joy from day to night,
It's her outlet for her creativity
To make a creation that will delight.

Verse 4