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Craft Supplies


Papercraft is a craft that invloves cutting paper or card into shapes that can be glued back together to create models, boxes, sculptures, greeting cards or anything you can imagine. Papercraft templates can be found for free on the internet and shared in craft groups and craft forums.

The tools that are used for papercraft are mainly scissors & craft knives. Scissors can be used to cut out the bulk of the papercraft template and the craft knife can be used for more precision cutting when you get to intrigate edges. Use a self healing cutting mat to protect your work surfaces from cuts and scores.

Glue, tapes and foam pads are also very useful to stick your papercraft creations together. Metal cutting dies can be used to cut detailed shapes into the paper or card for beautiful designs.

Below are a few examples of papercraft creations. Browse our shop you may just find something you have been looking for.