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Craft Supplies

Perfect Print Paper / Card

Perfect print paper and card, perfect to print your own greeting card verse inserts, decoupage and stamping
Perfect Print Paper 120 - Verse inserts
Perfect Print Paper 160 - Decoupage
Perfect Print Paper 200 - Decoupage & Stamping

Perfect Print Card 250 - Stamping
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Perfect Print Pack - by Essential Crafts SAVE £1.60 by buying the perfect print pack..cost of buying seperately £8.60 20 Sheets of 120gsm 20 Sheets of 160gsm 20 Sheets of 200gsm 20 Sheets of 250gsm Perfect for printing you own v..
Perfect Print Card 250gsm - by Essential Crafts 20 Sheets Perfect for stamping. Your printer must have cardstock setting or the card may jam in the printer...
Perfect Print Paper 200gsm - by Essential Crafts 20 Sheets Perfect for printing you own decoupage and stamping...