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Special Friend Verses for Handmade Cards

Special Friend Verse 1

A friend gives hope
When life is low
A friend's a place
Where you can go.
A friend is honest
A friend is true
A friend is precious
My friend is YOU.

Enjoy your special day.

Special Friend Verse 2

A Special person, a special day
And that is why this comes your way.
With warmest wishes for all the things
A very happy birthday brings.

Special Friend Verse 3

I/We hope today, your day is bright, 
your heart is happy too, 
And that this card comes with love 
to wish happy birthday to you.

Special Friend Verse 4

(Insert age) birthday candles 
However bright they grow 
Cannot express the wishes 
I/We send to you today. 

Happy (Insert age) Birthday

Special Friend Verse 5

Its all of our love 
we send to you today, 
To a very special friend
have a happy birthday.

Special Friend Verse 6


You'll always be the nicest friend 
that I could ever know,
Here's wishing you a wonderful Day 
the best you've ever known.

Have a wonderful day 
My special Friend.

Special Friend Verse 7

Hope lots of fun things 
come your way, 
On this your very 
special day! 

Happy Birthday

Special Friend Verse 8

Daffodils are blooming, 
Tulips are coming through, 
Spring is in the air, 
And of course its your birthday too. 
Happy Birthday Friend.

Special Friend Verse 9

When we were young and single, 
The world was at our feet, 
Every day was so exciting, 
New places and people to meet, 
The years have come. 
The years have gone, 
Our lives have changed and grown, 
Our beautiful little babies, 
Have left their nests and flown, 
So now it's time to think of us, 
To do exciting things once more, 
To show the world we've still got it, 
We're about to open new doors, 
So my dearest friend in all the world, 
My good wishes are sent your way, 
For let's mark your birthday as a starting point, 
For new adventures evryday!

Special Friend Verse 10

A friend gives hope 
When life is low, 
A friend's a place 
Where you can go, 
A friend is honest 
A friend is true, 
A friend is precious 
My friend is You. 

Happy Birthday