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Wedding verses for same sex marriage

Wedding verse1

A day to remember with good times to last

With memories you'll think of long after it's past.

The kind that brings love and warmth with each wish

Is hoping your wedding day is special like this.

Wedding verse 2

Same Sex Wedding Invite

Mr/Miss(name)and Mr/Miss(name)

Invite you to their special day

When we commit ourselves to each other

In a very special way.

We would so love you to be with us

as we exchange our vows

and become lifelong partners

in the way that we're allowed.

So please joins us at (place & date)

To witness our special day

as your presence there with us

Will mean more than words can say.

Wedding verse  3

To each other

I cannot believe we're doing this:

A day I thought would never come

The day we dedicate ourselves to each other

and our lives truly become one.

All our friends and family

will witness our love this day

and their presence here with us

means more than words can say.

I love you so, with all my heart

We've already made lovely memories together

But this will be such a special one.

That will mean so much, forever.

Wedding verse  4


Today we celebrate our union

In the way that we're allowed

Becoming your lifelong partner

makes me so very proud.

So what, it's not conventional

It may not be considered the "norm"

But we've got this far together

and we've ridden through the storm.

In front of all who love us

and know us for who we are

We'll commit ourselves to each other

and live our happy ever after.

Wedding verse   5

love the man/woman you have become

and I'm bursting with such pride.

That you stand and take your vows today

with such a loving partner by your side.

I guess it's only fitting

that someone so very special and caring

would fall for someone much the same

and build a life for sharing.

I/We wish for you both the best of days

One full of love and happiness

As two people such as yourselves

deserve the very best.

Wedding verse   6

As your Mother, (name) I love you so

and on this your special day

Witnessing your commitment day

means more than words can say.

As a lovely man/girl/lady you are yourself

you've chosen a partner who

Is also very special

and brings out the best in you.

So in the "traditional" fashion

I take time to write and say

that my family has increased by one

on this very special day.

Wedding verse   6


This special day is just the start

Of a lifetime of love and fun

It begins as you take your vows

when the two of you become one